Lable Grade PVC Shrink

Owing to our modern production technology, we offer wide range of PVC shrink film in accordance with the international quality standards. We manufacture PVC shrink films that find extensive application in Pharmaceutical, food products, beverage and automobile industries.

These can be availed in customized dimensions as per the requirement. Our products are known for their unique features such as high Shrinkage, Transparency, Excellent Printability of product with least gauge variation and flow lines.


  • Automobile parts, Lubricating and vegetable oils, Pesticides, Sweet boxes
  • Pharmaceutical products, House hold items, Beverages and water bottles
  • Toys and games, Stationery accessories, Electrical parts,Spices and pickles


  • Total protection from dust and moisture, Instant identification, High shrinkage
  • Improves looks and product image, and sales appeal, Easy to pack, Prevents delicacy
  • Resistance from scratches, and increases the self life of the product
  • Reasonable cost of packaging
  • Protection from pilferage and leakage of products
  • High transparency and clearance attracts customers